Bess Eaton - Wakefield
The Wakefield Bess Eaton has the same Beverages, Baked Goods and Sandwiches menu as the other three locations. In addition to the standard menu items, this location offers a Lunch menu and an Ice Cream menu.
Items on the Lunch menu are available all day. To have your sub sandwiches ready when you arrive, call ahead 401-789-1200. Sub, drink and dessert combos are available, refer to the Subs Menu for details.
Ice Cream
(401) 789~1200
Nine flavors of homestyle super-rich Gifford's ice cream are offered along with eighteen mix-ins. You tell us what you like and we'll create a custom Bess Eaton Artic Swirl, refer to the Ice Cream Menu for details.
Bess Eaton's
Your choice of ice cream and mix-in, then we swirl it all together.
Artic Swirl
Ice Cream Now Available in the Drive-Thru