Meeting Menu
Bess Eaton can provide refreshments for your business meeting or group gathering
A Bess Box contains 96oz of the Bess Eaton coffee of your choice, Original Blend, Decaf, Hazelnut or French Vanilla. Provided with each box are 10 cups with covers and condiments to prepare the individual coffees.
Bess Box of Hot Coffee
Trays of Coffee
A tray of coffee contains 4 same size individual coffees, Hot or Iced, that can be prepared to your specifications or they can be provided black with condiments on the side.
Breakfast Sandwiches
Use the Breakfast Sandwich Design Form that is on the back of the Order Form to specify the type and quantity of sandwiches.
Bakery Items
All of our bakery items; Donuts, Bess Bites, Muffins, Bagels, Cinnamon Rolls and Cheese Danish are available in half or full dozens.
10% Discount on Orders Over $25.00
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