Bess Eaton's Regular blend coffee is available caffinated and decaffinated. The Hazelnut and French Vanilla flavored blends are only available caffinated. Hot coffee can be purchased in three sizes small (10ozs), medium (16ozs) and large (20ozs). Iced coffee is also available in three sizes, small (16ozs), medium (20ozs) and large (32ozs). The Bess Eaton large iced coffee is called THE TANK.
Bess Eaton hot coffee can also be purchased in bulk, just ask for a Bess Coffee Box.
Speciality Coffees
The following speciality coffees are available Hot or Iced in the sames sizes as the standard coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha Latte, Cafe Mocha and Shots of Expresso. The Shots of Expresso can be served separately or mixed in with the standard coffee for an extra kick.
Freezes are an icy blended treat that are available in both coffee and fruit flavored; Strawberry, Strawberry Banana and Wildberry. They are served in the same sizes as the iced coffee, small (16ozs), medium (20ozs) and large (32ozs)
Other Beverages
Other beverages that are available include; hot or iced tea, hot chocolate, milk, chocolate milk, Minute Maid lemonade, apple juice, orange juice, coke, diet coke, sprite, powerade and bottled water.